November 2011-January 2012

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  • The Generalized Gauge Theory
    • Thoughts on Hawking’s solution to the information problem.
    • de Sitler space in teleparallel gravity.
    • Thoughts on the principle of equivalence and the role of diffeomorphisms in gravity.
    • Coordinate systems in the decay of photon into positron and electron.

Author Commentary:

(p. 2) This notebook is for the purpose of reevaluating where I stand writ various ideas, primarily the generalized gauge theory of gravity

  • (p. 3) In quantum gravity one must allow for a large interaction region. If the energy of the interaction is E, then the interaction region must be at least of the order
  • Now, since GE might be absolutely enormous and therefore the measuring apparatus must be pushed off to .
  • Now, what are the ways one can detect which path has been taken, as with the 2 slit experiment. If there is a BH, how can we be sure?