September 2011-October 2011

Non-Generated Diffeomophisms

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Non-Generated Diffeomorphisms


A Few Author Comments on the Work:

(p. 07) Some thoughts on the principle of equivalence and Diffeomorphisms. It is argued by Stephen Weinberg in his book Gravitation and Cosmology that the principle of equivalence implies that all theories must be diffeomorphism invariant.

(p.14) Been thinking: Diffeomorphism group and its relation to local translations and Yang-Mills groups…The Diffeomorphism group is more complex in this regard, as there are elements arbitrarily close close to the identity that are not on a 1- parameter subgroup. An example is…

(p. 140) 1. We want to examine diffeomorphisms that are not generated by a vector field. More specifically, we require that the non-generated diffeormorphism be arbitrarily close to the identity, thereby removing certain easy ‘reasons’ why the diffeomorphisms in question are non-generated. We also only consider small perturbations of a small rotation