The Articles

The plan for the articles and notebooks: “…I will cite pages from notebooks in which details are carried out. I just don’t have time to make the papers pedagogical as much as I might like to. The logic of the arguments in the papers must be put in absolutely rigorous terms and I should not be afraid of making speculative statements in appropriately named subsections of the articles.” (GSK July 20, 2012).

Do Spacetime Uncertainty Relations Require Strings? (2009)

On the equation for test particles in an ambient gravitational field as the  Wong equation for a generalized gauge theory (Published April 2011)

Noncommutativity in Rindler Space (November 5, 2011). This article along with the one titled Generalized Gauge Theory below, were being reworked for completion in April, 2012.

Generalized Gauge Theory (July 20, 2012). The introductory pages are heavily edited although readable. Author proposes that String Theory aids in resolving some theoretical difficulties.

Gravity on a Lie Algebroid Structure (September 16, 2012) Author was working on this article with a colleague, the last update Sept. 16, 2012.