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This site proffers the posthumously assembled work of George Stephen Karatheodoris (10/03/1974 – 9/22/2012), theoretical physicist interested in generalized gauge gravity and quantization. His death was untimely, his generosity and creativity for a field he loved, expansive. He was strongly committed to the open sharing of his work among colleagues and the the joy it gave him to share, collaborate and discuss physics with others, has inspired the creation of this site to share his ideas, as he would have wanted.

George Karatheodoris

George Karatheodoris at work shortly before his death. The email excerpt below introduces his novel approach to quantum gravity and quantization.

Website Structure

  • An Algebraic Approach to Gauge Gravity: A Concise Overview: George introduces his novel approach to gauge gravity and explains his use of some string theory ideas.
  • Quantum Gravity Problem: The Notebooks: The notebooks number roughly 30 volumes, and are presented in reverse chronological order with each volume linked to its own webpage. Each volume’s webpage subsequently contains the notebook’s title, PDF link, a listing of some transcribed commentaries/conclusions and corresponding PDF page numbers.
  • Gravity/Gauge Gravity: Commentary on the Algebroid Approach: This page is still under construction. Its purpose is to give the reader quicker access to (the development of) George Karatheodoris’ theory through excerpts culled from his handwritten work. It consists of his commentaries, conclusions, summaries and philosophical insights which support his theory.
  • Quantum Gravity Problem: Published/Edited Articles: This page contains a collection of published articles, and a few in progress with notations, edits, etc. The unpublished article, “Gravity on a Lie algebroid structure”, (his last work in progress), proposes a new framework for a generalized gauge gravity and quantization. Research for this paper is described in A Concise Overview. The article’s incompleteness requires reference to the notebooks.

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