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This site proffers the posthumously assembled work of George Stephen Karatheodoris (10/03/1974 – 9/22/2012), theoretical physicist interested in generalized gauge gravity and quantization. He was strongly committed to the open sharing of the work of physics among colleagues. His death was untimely, his generosity and creativity for a field he loved, expansive. And the the joy it gave him to share, collaborate and discuss physics with others, has inspired the creation of this site to share his ideas, as he would have wanted.

George Karatheodoris

George Karatheodoris at work shortly before his death. The email excerpt below, sent to Roger Penrose, introduces his novel approach to quantum gravity and its quantization.

An introduction to George’s work is found in an email, written a few months before his death, to Roger Penrose in which he summarizes his approach to the gravity problem.  Excerpts below:

“The approach I am taking to the quantum gravity problem is somewhat conservative in that it appears to adhere to the quantum theory, but as you will see it does introduce novel elements (even as regard quantum theory) that should have significant effects. Basically, I feel that the approaches to “gauge gravity”, come in two forms: 1) the results from string theory that show that gravitational behavior of a kind is implicit in Yang-Mills theory provided that it is radically reinterpreted and provided that the rules for calculating observables are given by formulae proposed by Witten et. al.  2) results on the level of the classical action pioneered by Utiyama in the 1950’s and carried through by many authors.  The second approach is an attempt to understand gravity as a traditional gauge theory with the gauge group being something like the Poincare group–it is not accompanied by the non-local interpretation used in the stringy approach.  It is the second approach I am working in, but I disagree with much of the literature on it…” Full text here: About the Work

Site Structure**

  • About the Work: consists of George Karatheodoris’ explanatory notes, conclusions of research.
  • The Notebooks: Dated and handwritten, each required its own webpage in order to preface a list of author commentary and page numbers for reader’s reference.
  • The Articles:Gravity on a Lie algebroid structure,’ (last work in progress), proposes a new framework for a generalized gauge gravity and quantization. Research for this paper, in About the Work. The article’s incompleteness may require reference to the notebooks.
  • Philosophical Notes and Biographical Notes are still under construction.

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