(…in furtherance of the goals of quantum generalized gauge theory)

This site proffers the posthumously assembled work of George Stephen Karatheodoris (10/03/1974–9/22/2012), theoretical physicist interested in problems of General Relativity and Gauge Gravity.  He was strongly committed to the idea that the open sharing of insights and interests in the field of theoretical physics, when offered freely and in the spirit of good will among colleagues, best furthers the field. The work he was able to accomplish on gravity and its quantization, is freely offered here to those who may be interested in the topic or its development.

Sections in this site will include George’s characterization of his theory in About the Work and access to his research in his handwritten and well organized Notebooks. The Articles contain his published and unpublished works in progress. Philosophical Notes. and some Biographical Information may also be added at a later date.

This site is currently under construction and will soon be available. Please check again at a future time and thank you for your interest! For questions or comments, please use the form below.