STRINGS at TASI 2005: Boulder, Colorado (19)

The Theoretical Advanced Study Institute or TASI is a four-week summer course in high-energy physics or astrophysics held yearly at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lecturers are experts in their field. The topic for the 2005 lectures was “The Many Dimensions of String Theory.”

Notebook: TASI June 2005:



Mina Aganagic (Berkeley); Raphael Bousso (Berkeley); Shanta DeAlwis (Colorado); Lance Dixon (SLAC); Michael Douglas (Rutgers); Gia Dvali (NYU); Sergei Gukov (Harvard); Joanne Hewett (SLAC); Shamit Kachru (Stanford/SLAC); Gordon Kane (Michigan); Igor Klebanov (Princeton); Samir Mathur (Ohio State); Hitoshi Murayama ( Berkeley); Joe Polchinski (KITP, UCSB); Eva Silverstein (Stanford/SLAC); David Tong (DAMTP, Cambridge); Henry Tye (Cornell); Angel Uranga (Madrid); Herman Verlinde (Princeton); Matias Zaldarriaga (Harvard)


  • AdS/CFT and QCD
  • Black Holes and String Theory
  • Brane Inflation
  • Cascading Gauge Theories and Their String Duals
  • Collider Physics
  • Early Universe Cosmology and Astrophysics
  • EWSB and Physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Holography and Cosmology
  • Infrared Modifications of Gravity
  • Noncritical Strings
  • Statistics of String Vacua
  • String Compactifications and Model Building
  • Topological Strings and Dualities