Noncommutative QFT on Rindler; Noncommutative Rindler and BH (17)

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**Notebook: January 2008-February 2008 **Author had added Pages 1-44, from 2006, to the beginning of this notebook.

  • (p.45-57) Change of coordinates to Rindler Space as a gauge transformation.
  • A Connection to String Theory. (embed below)

(p. 63) Project: Noncommutative Rindler and Black Hole

(p. 70-71) How does a holographic correspondence like AdS/CFT describe the local physics of observers in a particular spacetime?…How does the asymptotic observer use the fact that he is in AdS space?


(p. 87-88) Rindler Space and Goals of Project.


(p. 136-139) Back to the hunt for (a + a+)N . Page 75 & 76 (embed below; pdf p. 136-139) ha(ve) the most relevant formulae.


(p. 167-169) Review