Notes on Strings, Emergent Gravity (3-5-2009)

Author Commentary Below: A few notations from this notebook, to indicate topics covered. Author’s page numbering is ignored, any page numbers referenced below are from the scanned PDF documents.

Notes May 2009

(p. 1) Notes on phemenology of particle and cosmological physics.

(p. 4) Notes on Strings; S. Hellerman, Strings 2008, Cosmological unification of string theories.

(p. 8) Strominger 3D OG (Strings 2008); Chiral Gravity in 3D; (Open Question: Is there a quantum theory of pure 3D Einstein Gravity? There is no viable current proposal.)

(p. 14) Some caculations in AdS-CFT.

(p. 23) Suppose we have a physical theory N of complexity C representing a physical situation P. In order to calculate what will happen in a particular circumstance in P we must carry out a computation of complexity C. We can exploit the assumed correctness of our theory N, by preparing the physical system P so that its initial conditions, I, correspond to a particular computation, Comp., in the theory N. Then the system can “empirically do the integration”.

Below, notes from Emergent Gravity


(p. 27)

  • (p. 36-38) Brief Summary of my main results of Emergent Gravity
  • This leads to questions of physical acceptabilty already at the classical level. Can we obtain the classical “Einstein tests” successes from this theory with this symmetry?