Notes on Strings; Steinacker (14)

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Notebook: Notes On Strings; Steinacker 3-2009

(p. 1) Notes on phenomenology of particle and cosmological physics.

(p. 4) Notes on Strings; S. Hellerman, Strings 2008, Cosmological unification of string theories.

(p. 8) Strominger 3D OG (Strings 2008); Chiral Gravity in 3D; (Open Question: Is there a quantum theory of pure 3D Einstein Gravity? There is no viable current proposal.)

(p. 14) Some caculations in AdS-CFT.

(p. 23) Suppose we have a physical theory N of complexity C representing a physical situation P. In order to calculate what will happen in a particular circumstance in P we must carry out a computation of complexity C. We can exploit the assumed correctness of our theory N, by preparing the physical system P so that its initial conditions, I, correspond to a particular computation, Comp., in the theory N. Then the system can “empirically do the integration”.

Notebook: Steinacker, Emergent Gravity 5-2009

Page 27, Summary Notes on Emergent Gravity


  • (p. 36-38) Brief Summary of my main results of Emergent Gravity
  • This leads to questions of physical acceptabilty already at the classical level. Can we obtain the classical “Einstein tests” successes from this theory with this symmetry?