The Notebooks

Quantum Gravity Problem:

Below, compilation of George Karatheodoris’ scanned notebooks for the years 2011 and 2012 in which the bulk of his ideas were formulated. Additional volumes of work for previous years are in queue for uploading.

Why Scan the Notebooks?

“…I have to write extremely terse papers in the code (TeX code) for the articles. I will cite pages from notebooks in which details are carried out. I just don’t have time to make the papers pedagogical as much as I might like to.” (from notebook dated: February 2012-July 2012, p. 20.)

Notebook Organization and Presentation

The notebooks are scanned in their entirety as it is impossible to know which notebooks and which sections the author intended to scan and reference. Links to each notebook web page are listed below, with brief notations as content guides.

Year: 2012

Notebook dates for the year 2012 overlap considerably, as work was developed in separate notebooks. The notebook dated February 2012-July 2012** contains considerable work and reviews of the author’s accumulated insights on gravity and quantum gravity.

February 2012-July 2012 Page Link:

April 2012-May 2012 Page Link:

June 2012-September 2012 Some notes on Lie’s third theorem; On the teleparallel equivalent of General Relativity; What is the nature of a groupoid? Page Link:

Year: 2011

January 2011-February 2011 Some Implications of Gravitational Theory for Quantum Theory Page Link:

March 2011-April 2011 Mainly notes on Quantum Theory, its interpretation, formalism etc; The Birkhoffian generalization of Quantum Theory; Generalized Gauge Theory. Page Link:

April 2011-July 2011 Mainly Gauge Gravity ideas: especially generalizations found and not found in Chapter 6 of the Chinese book; Using Ch. 6 of the Chinese book as a launching off point for gauge gravity. Page Link:

August 2011 Local Translations and Thermodynamics; On the question of the origin of gravity; Thermodynamic-Mechanic duality; Notes on geometric quantization. Page Link:

September 2011-October 2011 Notes on Non-Generated Diffeomorphisms Page Link:

October 2011-December 2011 Notes on Non-Generated Diffeomorphisms (continued) Page Link:

Year: 2010

September-November 2010 Wong Equations for Gravitation Page Link: